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Modern love ballad

Неу, ваву

Неу, ваву, I'm walking down the street.

Hey, baby, I want to drink and to eat,

But baby, I have some money to buy some pie,

Please, call to drink with you another guy.

Don't ask me, so I'm in horror, you see,

Don't threat me, my way is long down the street,

Don't threat me, I'm not afraid of your guis,

Don't ask me, I see your love in your eyes.

Hey, baby, you are so chaming, I say,

Hey, baby, you're face of beauty this day.

Your lips are tender, and your passion is true,

But baby, I can't, I can't be with you.

Неу, ваву, I'm walking down the street,

Hey, baby, you're staying near corner, you see.

Hey, baby, I've passed by, and it's all,

Hey, baby, I've gone away and you've stayed.

No, baby, I beg you, baby, don't cry,

Oh, baby, I'll tell you, baby, tell why,

Listen, baby, there is a country that's green,

Poor country, oh, that is native to me.

And people there can walk without the shoes on grass.

Hey, baby, there is the sun and the green grass there!

And, baby, I have a sister that side,

Yes, baby, I have a sister, not wife,

Hey, baby, and I am going to her,

And, baby, and she is waiting for me

Yes, baby, and she is waiting for me...

Auther of a modern love ballad Oceaxe